Made in Europe

We have actively chosen to put all production in Europe (Portugal, Lithuania) This means that we keep the transports shorter and at the same time we have easier access to the security service to the workers who manufacture our products.  In Europe, much less production volume are also required compared to Asia and as a result less risk of overproduction.

Quality and durability

Quality and longevity of the garments are also something we attach great importance to. We produce high quality clothes that will keep color and pious for a long time to come, thus minimizing the number of new products our customers need to buy.

New solutions for the future

We are currently working with Rekotex, whose business idea is to link overproduced fabrics with new manufacturers. We are also constantly working to try new materials that are better from a sustainability point of view. For example, we have used Tencel in our collections, which, among other things, require much less water for cultivation than cotton. 

Do you have any thoughts or ideas?

We are happy to discuss sustainability and CSR with you because we know that together we are stronger. So if you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to check out or explore, do not hesitate to hear from you.